Fall ILMSA Meeting (10/18/2014)

The fall ILMSA Meeting will take place at Galter Life Center, 5157 N Francisco, Chicago. We will be in Studio 2 at 4 PM.

Voter Proxy

*Update on Parking* You can now park in the lot and get your parking validated!
*Update (10/13): State Meet Bids posted below!

RSVP for the meeting here (If you're not on Facebook, that's okay!)

State Meet Bids (Zipped Up)

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State Meet 2015 Bids

Please use the link here to complete a paper bid for hosting the state meet for the spring of 2015. Due to some difficulties with the bid form, we will be extending the deadline to accommodate this. If you would prefer to fill out the majority of the form online, click here instead. Please note there is still a word or pdf attachment of miscellaneous information required. Email attachments and paper entries to sanctions at ilmsa dot com

Swim A Marathon this Summer!

What better way to stay fit than to swim a marathon over the summer?  

It’s easy—well sort of…
Starting June 1, 2014 count up yards, meters, miles, etc., and swim enough to equal 26.2 miles.

Download and fill out the log and registration forms.
Send in a check for $5.00 ILMSA members and $10.00 for other USMS members.  
Receive recognition on ILMSA.com.  
Have fun and stay fit! 

Registration and yardage log

ILMSA Board Phone Meeting

Date: Second Monday of every month.
Time: 7:30 PM CST
Phone Number: 559-726-1200
Access Code: 933047

Members are allowed to participate, please permit everyone to have their full say before proceeding.
Announce your name to begin a question or comment.  Only Board members are allowed to vote.

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