Adult Learn to Swim - Illinois

On Saturday, April 18, 2015, the Adult Learn to Swim - Illinois program took on it's first clients at Northside College Prep High School in Chicago. Both participants, Raul and Erika, are parents of swim team members. Kevin and Susan Scanlan acted as instructors with Robert Zeitner observing. Their lessons lasted an hour and each person made progress. Raul, who had been afraid to go in the deep end, managed to swim four lengths across the pool. Erika, who had trouble coordinating breathing with her stroke, was able to complete complete several stroke cycles with correct breathing timing.

After the lesson, Robert invited both Raul and Erika to join the masters practice that was held at night at the Northside College Prep school. Not only did both accept the invitation, but now Raul is swimming repeat 100s and Erika is completing full lengths of the pool.

Thanks to Ed Stanc, who procured the pool and advertised among his age group swim parents. The next Adult Learn to Swim - Illinois program is scheduled to be held in August at a Chicago Part District Pool. For more updates, please visit: Adult Learn to Swim - Illinois

adult learn to swim participants