USMS Insurance Update

At the 2013 USMS annual convention it was announced that we will be working with a new insurance broker (no longer Risk Management Services, Inc.). The broker has been working on securing our insurance coverage for 2014 and our coverage is now in place.

Some clubs swim at facilities that require them to present a certificate of insurance.  The USMS national office will be assuming the responsibility of issuing these certificates of insurance for 2014.

We are working on a web form where you will be able to request a certificate.  It's not quite ready so for now if you need one please follow the instructions in the following link

Please note the following:

-- Certificates will be issued by either Anna Lea or by Tracy Grilli. It's no longer a fully-automated process as it was before.  Please do not wait until the last minute (such as the Saturday of your swim meet!)  to request a certificate if your facility has requested one.

-- Please do not contact our previous broker, Risk Management Services, with questions.  Direct all insurance questions to Anna Lea Matysek or Tracy Grilli in the USMS national office.

-- Our policy year will be changing to an October 1--September 30 timeframe.  For 2014, our current policy is in effect from January 1 through September 30.  We will re-issue new certificates on October 1 when the policy is renewed.