ILMSA Meet Director Sanctions Checklist

ILMSA Meet Director Sanctions Checklist
Updated Jan. 26, 2019
Meet Sanctions Checklist

  1. Submit a calendar request from the sanctions chair by emailing


  1. Secure the following key priorities:
    1. Facility location and availability
    2. Meet referee - all meet officials must be endorsed by the ILMSA Officials Chairperson,
    3. Pool length certification - the Pool Length Certification Form must be on file at; email completed form to
    4. Entry and payment method(s) (e.g. Club Assistant)
    5. List of events, in order
    6. Timekeeping method (e.g touchpad, buttons, stop watches)


  1. Create a meet information sheet - download a template here
    1. Include specific language around pool classification and timing statement.


  1. Set up online registration form, including secure electronic payment method


  1. Apply for meet sanction on USMS website:


  1. Fill out the Illinois Sanction Transmittal Form and mail with sanction fee of $50 per day of competition to the ILMSA Treasurer:

Phil Dodson, 6100 N. Sauganash Ave., Chicago, IL 60646
Once approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation and be assigned a USMS sanctions code as well as a sanction abbreviation for USMS records. The meet information will be published on Calendar of Events and Upcoming Meets.
Additional Resources:

Questions? Email ILMSA Sanctions Chair, Michael Cowen, at