ILMSA Meet Director Sanctions Checklist

ILMSA Meet Director Sanctions Checklist for Pool Meets
Updated April 8, 2021
As of April 5, 2021, ILMSA is waiving the $50 sanction fee for all pool meets moving forward. 
Meet Sanctions Checklist

  1. Familiarize yourself with the latest USMS Covid-19 Event Guidelines
  2. Submit a calendar request from the sanctions chair by emailing
  3. Secure the following key priorities:
    • Facility location and availability
    • Pool length certification - the Pool Length Certification Form must be on file at; email completed form to
    • Meet referee - all meet officials must be endorsed by the ILMSA Officials Chairperson,
    • Order of events
    • Timekeeping method (e.g touchpad, buttons, stop watches)
  4. Set up online registration form, including secure electronic payment method (e.g. ClubAssistant)
  5. Create a meet information sheet - download a template here
  6. ‚ÄčComplete the Covid-19 Event Saftey Plan - download addendum
    • This must uploaded to the online Saction Request Form for USMS to have on file and ILMSA Sanction Chair approval.
  7. Apply for meet sanction on USMS website:
    • Attach the completed meet information sheet AND safety plan.

Once approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation and be assigned a USMS sanctions code as well as a sanction abbreviation for USMS records. The meet information will be published on Calendar of Events and Upcoming Meets.
Additional Resources:

Questions? Email ILMSA Sanctions Chair, Michael Cowen, at