S.W.I.M. - Streamlining Weightloss In Masters Fitness Challenge

The inaugural S.W.I.M. (Streamline Weight-Loss In Masters) Fitness Challenge began on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5, 2012 and culminated this week. The goal of this program was to promote a healthier lifestyle and weight loss through swimming. Appealing to the competitive nature of Masters swimmers the idea of a “challenge” was born. We designed a catchy logo and added great prizes expressively targeted at swimmers. PACE PAL (personal, portable pace clock), Greater Than coconut sports drink and Global Sports Technology kindly donated their products and services adding value and credibility to the program. The premise of the fitness challenge was based on the Biggest Loser Show. A female and male winner based on % of body fat lost would be announced at the State Meet.
Numbers: 17 participants from the start
8 dropped out (stopped sending in weight) after week 3
2 dropped out after week 6
1 dropped out after week 8
6 completed the challenge
Age range of participants: 38-62 years of age
Male overall winner, Mike Laurich, lost 9.6%, 22 pounds
Female overall winner, Carol Stark*, lost 3.06%, 6 pounds.