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Caeleb Dressel’s Abs Circuits

Caeleb Dressel's abs circuit

Date posted:

December 29, 2022

Written by: Susan Scanlan

Susan Scanlan is the Masters Swim Coach for the Sage YMCA Masters. She has been leading the team since 2015. Coaching certifications include USMS Level 1 and ASCA Level 5 (education). She is also a certified life guard. Before coaching adults, she spent 8 years as a high school coach.


Two short ab workouts that are challenging if you choose to do them non-stop. You may want to watch the videos first.

Abs Circuit #1

Instructions: Four rounds – all on your back. No breaks in between rounds.
First round – 20 reps of each
Second round – 15 reps of each
Third round – 10 reps of each
Fourth round – 5 reps of each

First exercise: Toe touches with extended legs at a 90° angle from your torso.

Second exercise: Ankle touches with bent legs

Third exercise: Regular crunches with bent or straight knees, arms folded across chest

Fourth exercise: Leg raises – hands under butt or out to the sides (Always to 10 reps of these, no matter which round you are on.)

Fifth exercise: Flutter kick with chest raised and arm at sides or in streamline

Challenge: Can you complete four rounds in five minutes?

Watch Caeleb do it 

Abs Circuit #2

Directions: For exercises #1-8: Raise and lower left leg six times, then raise and lowere right leg six times.

  1.  Elbow plank
  2. Reverse plank on elbows
  3. Hand plank
  4. Reverse plank on hands
  5. Side plank on elbows
  6. Side plank on hands
  7. Elbow plank – donkey kicks
  8. Reverse plank on hands – marches
  9. Dead Bugs – alternate leg and arm goes up and down from all fours position
  10. Partner throw downs (if you have one)
  11. Crossed arm, chest up bicycles – 10 rounds


Watch Simon Shi do it

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