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Adult Learn to Swim

Adult Learn to Swim Pairs Masters Swimmers with Adult Novices

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Teaching Adults to Swim


More than a third of adults in the United States can’t swim the length of a pool, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which puts them at risk of being one of the 10 people who drown every day in this country. ILMSA is committed to growing Adult Learn To Swim (ALTS) programs in Illinois.  If you currently run a program, are interested in starting one, are a certified ALTS coach, or want to learn more, please contact us at: alts AT ilmsa DOT com

April is Adult-Learn-to-Swim Month, a national campaign to raise awareness to the problem of adult drowning and seeks to help people find quality swim lessons near them.  Contact ILMSA to be informed of events and activities related to ALTS month at: alts AT ilmsa DOT com

sandy and beth standing in a lake

Safety first (be visible) when it comes to open water swimming

Sandy Pazerunas and Beth Sherer enjoying a lake swim