Coach of the Year Award

Coach of the Year Award
In 2000 the Coach of the Year Award was created to recognize the numerous behind the scenes efforts of coaches that often go unnoticed.  ILMSA coaches build our membership through their contributions in promoting fellowship and team unity by supporting Master swimmers.  Coaches are a valuable resource in club development and the overall growth of Masters Swimmers participation at sanctioned meets throughout the state of Illinois.  Coaches often spend time negotiating pool practice time, building club and workout group membership, and securing participation of swimmers at practice and meets.  Some coaches go beyond these “basic” requirements and their efforts positively impact swimmers, family and friends.  The Coach of the Year embodies the passion, dedication, commitment and heart that result in a successful season.  This award is given to the coach that best exhibits these qualities during a given year.
The award is presented annually at the ILMSA state meet.  Anyone with a current ILMSA/USMS membership is eligible to submit a coach for nomination.  Coaching nominations will be considered for their current year work.  Nominations can be submitted in a one page letter addressed to the ILMSA Awards and Recognition Chair.  To be considered each nomination letter should include the following information:

  • The nominating person’s name, e-mail address, contact telephone number and their club affiliation
  • The nominated coaches name, e-mail address, contact telephone number and club affiliation
  • The coaches certification level, and whether they are registered with USMS as a coach
  • Cite the current year efforts for which they are being nominated
  • The impact that they efforts have had on swimmers  and their club (as applicable)  
  • Examples of the results of these efforts  
  • Past year award winners are eligible to be nominated again for their efforts during a given year.  A coach cannot win the award in consecutive years

Nominations must be submitted electronically, via e-mail by the February 1st deadline to: awards @

Past recipients of the Coach of the Year Award are:
2021:  Andy Seibt of Fossil Fish
2020:  Chuck Roth of North Aquatics
2019:  Robert (Bob) Zeitner of Flying Carp
2018:  Matt Wever of Swedish Fish
2017:  Chris Layton of Chicago Smelts
2016:  Molly Hoover of Joliet Blue Tides
2015:  Peter Marcy of Swedish Fish
2014:  Billy Cordero of Swedish Fish
2013:  Christopher Barrat Politan of Chicago Smelts
2012:  Adriana Schack of COHO/NASA
2011:  Steve Roesseler of Lyons
2010:  Nadine Day of Danville
2009:  Chris Colburn of Academy Bullets
2008:  Ellen Tobler of Grey Sharks
2007:  Paul Moniak of Chicago Masters
2006:  Corinne Grotenhuis of Elgin Blue Waves
2005:  Sue Welker of Naperville Waves
2000:  Sue Welker of Naperville Waves

*updated 1/27/2021