John Sloan Service Award

As a volunteer-driven organization, ILMSA, like its parent organization, USMS, is grateful to the numerous volunteers who give their time, talent, and expertise to help all phases of our programs. Among those volunteers are some whose service stands out in its scope and its impact on the program and the ILMSA members have benefited from their efforts primarily on the local and regional level, in addition to the national level.

Each year one ILMSA person is designated the John Sloan Service Award winner, from the nominations received by the ILMSA board of directors.
The person who embodies this award will have characteristics that bring to mind John Sloan of COHO Masters a USA Swimming coach and Masters swimmer who passed away in 2010 while swimming in a open water event.  These demonstrated characteristics include but are not limited to volunteerism, sportsmanship, good character, leadership, supportiveness, inspiration to others, generosity and a passion for the sport of Masters Swimming.

Any swimmer registered for the current year with USMS/ILMSA may make a nomination.
To make a nomination, submit a one-page letter addressed to Chair, ILMSA Awards & Recognition, citing the reasons why the person deserves recognition and the award for the current year.  Include:

  • The name, club and team affiliation, address, telephone number, e-mail address for the person  nominating;
  • The name, club and team affiliation, address, telephone number, e-mail address for the person being nominated;
  • What service or services were performed, and the period for which they were performed;
  • The impact of the service or services to new programs or to improving ongoing programs;
  • The scope of the services including the effect on members who have benefitted.
  • Submit nominations electronically by March 15th of the current year to: awards AT ilmsa DOT com.
  • A past recipient may be nominated, based upon a current year’s volunteer service.  

Past recipients of the John Sloan Service Award:
2018: Emily Traw of Chicago Smelts
2018: Ed Stranc
2017: Marissa Filippo of Chicago Swedish Fish
2016:  Tracy Lord of Chicago Swedish Fish
2014:  M. J. Gasik of Tri Right Masters
2013:  Barb Delanois of Chicago Smelts
2012:  Heidi Kafka of Chicago Smelts
2011:  John Traynor unattached
2010:  Phil Dodson of Evanston Masters
2009:  Chris Sheean of Chicago Masters
2008:  Greg Weber of
2007:  Rich Mueller unattached
2006:  Mary Pohlmann of Southern Illinois Masters