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Barb Delanois

Barb Delanois


registration AT ilmsa DOT com

Barb Delnnois, Membership Coordinator

Masters Swimmer since 2002. Swims independently.


Appointed by the board.


  • Registers all swimmers in ILMSA consistent with the rules established by USMS.
  • Maintains the database of registered ILMSA members, clubs and teams.
  • Coordinates communications with USMS regarding current ILMSA members.
  • Administers and manages all registration activities.


Barbara has served on the ILMSA Board since 2005 and as Membership Coordinator/Registrar since 2015.  She also served as the USMS National Board of Review Chair 2012-2017.

She was a star diver in college and entered Masters swimming at the young age of 45.

Barb is a sole practitioner lawyer in the Danville, IL area where she also enjoys:

  • growing tomatoes
  • raising chickens and harvesting their eggs
  • playing golf
  • traveling weekends in her RV to watch her grandson’s college football games