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Mike Abegg

Mike Abegg


results AT ilmsa DOT com

Mike Abegg,

Records and Tabulations Committee Chair

Masters Swimmer since 2008. Swims with Vallejo Aquatics.


Appointed by the BOD



  • Establishes and maintains standardized processes of recording and verifying times.
  • Submits times to USMS and to the Great Lakes Zone Recorder.
  • Publishes the LMSC records and the Top Ten listing for each course.
To submit meet results: Email the Meet Manager .zip
back up file to:
results AT ilmsa DOT com
top10 AT ilmsa DOT com


  • Organized the administrative side of meets in Minnesota from 2009-2013
  • Served as Vice Chair of the USMS Officials Committee.
  • Serves as LMSC Records and Top 10 Chair for both Illinois and Minnesota, all the while serving on the USMS Records and Tabulation committee
  • Officiates at local meets
  • Conducts clinics
  • Currently serves as the Pacific LMSC meet officials coordinator and lives in California