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Questions for the BOD

  • President: Molly Hoover
    chair AT ilmsa DOT com

  • Vice President: Camille Tan
    vp AT ilmsa DOT com

  • Secretary: Karen Lundgren
    secretary AT ilmsa DOT com
  • Treasurer: Michael Weiss
    treasurer AT ilmsa DOT com
  • Membership: Barb Delanois
    registration AT ilmsa DOT com
  • Finance: Dan Reisner
    finance AT ilmsa DOT com
  • Officials: Ed Stanc
    officials AT ilmsa DOT com
  • Safety: Ed Stanc
    safety AT ilmsa DOT com
  • Sanctions/Long Distance: Andy Seibt
    sanction AT ilmsa DOT com
  • Records: Mike Abegg
    records At ilmsa DOT com
  • Awards: Mike Hillegonds
    awards AT ilmsa DOT com
  • Coaches: Vacant
    coaches AT ilmsa DOT com

Questions for the meet directors

Please refer to the meet information sheet links found on the competition pages.

  • Pick Your Potion Pentathlon
  • Sink or Swim Classic
  • Evanston Invitational
  • Champaign Stephens YMCA
  • Central Illinois
  • Swedish Fish
  • State meet


Barb Delanois/Molly Hoover
28 W North Street Suite 102
Danville, IL 61832

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