Collected from Illinois Masters Coaches
Dry erase board with drills

Date posted:

June 15, 2023

February 2023 ILMSA Stroke Clinic


The stroke drills presented in this clinic were originally demonstrated at the 2022 USMS National Convention attended by Molly Hoover and Camille Tan. They presented and explained these drills in a classroom then pool setting.



  • Head Lead Kick: High to low, lift from chest, not eyes
  • Wide to narrow stroke
  • Kick on side, elbow up
  • 6 kick switch, elbow up
  • 1 arm, lazy arm down, breathe to working arm, head down, fast breath
  • Paddle on head and breathe without losing the paddle position
  • Fist paddles
  • Fingertip paddles
  • Buoy and knees
  • Buoy at ankles




  • Dolphin kick holding buoy, move buoy down to knees after 12.5 yds
  • Dolphin kick with deep knee bend, then whip feet
  • Finish and lift, high head and chest to help shoulders (not high breath)
  • Swim with a wide entry, then medium entry, then narrow entry




  • Head lead kick, high to low. Balance
  • Thumb out, 90 pinky in
  • Slam door in sister’s face (quick recovery)
  • Narrow entry, then medium entry, then wide entry
  • Finish pull – shallow v. deep




  • 2 kick – 1 pull, super quick 2nd kick
  • Recover arms over – shoot and stab hard
  • Shoot with flutter kick
  • High to low
  • Wide to narrow
  • 1 arm, lazy arm down, forces narrow pull
  • Swim breast w/ buoy to enforce a narrow kick

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