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Dryland Weights: Start Here

triceps lift

Date posted:

September 6, 2022

Written by: Susan Scanlan

Susan Scanlan is the Masters Swim Coach for the Sage YMCA Masters. She has been leading the team since 2015. Coaching certifications include USMS Level 1 and ASCA Level 5 (education). She is also a certified life guard. Before coaching adults, she spent 8 years as a high school coach.


Start building strength with these nine large muscle groups. After four weeks move onto smaller more swimming specific muscles.

Dryland: Start Here

You have 9 muscle groups to work. Below are exercises for each depending on where you want to workout – a gym with machines or free weights or at home using your body weight.
Week 1: Choose one exercise from each row muscle group. Do one set of 8-12 reps at about 70% of maximum capacity.
Week 2-3: Two sets, work to 12 reps
Week 4: Increase weight to 80% or go to three sets

Muscle Group –>Weight Machine or Free Weight

Delts –>Shoulder Press or Lateral Raise

Quads –> Leg Press or Squats

Lats –> Lat Pull Down or Seated Rows

Hamstrings –> Leg Curl in prone position or Romanian dead lift
(straight leg dead lift)

Pecs –> Chest or Bench Press

Calf Muscles –> Ball of foot on leg press (Let heels flex and extend) or Calf raises on box holding weights in hands

Abs –> Ab Machine or Crunches holding weights on chest

Triceps –> Arm Extension or Kick Backs leaning over bench

Obliques –> Cable Pull across the body or Russian Twists with a weight

Body Weight Only



Wide grip pull ups

Bridge extensions on stability ball


Calf raises on stairs, curb or block

Plank mountain climbers


Hook punches on one leg

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