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Hosting a Meet

Getting Started

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If you want your meet to be recognized by Illinois Masters Swimming Association, you must get the meet sanctioned. This means that there are standards to follow in order to have the swimmer’s times officially recorded by ILMSA and USMS. Instructions on how to submit an event sanction request


Submit a calendar request from the sanctions chairperson by emailing: sanctions AT ilmsa DOT com

Please note that some weekends are reserved for regular hosts.


Secure the following key priorities:

    • Facility location and availability
    • Pool length certification – the Pool Length Certification Form must be on file at; email completed form to:  records AT usms DOT org
    • Meet referee – all meet officials must be endorsed by the ILMSA Officials Chairperson: officials AT ilmsa DOT com
    • Order of events
    • Timekeeping method (e.g touchpad, buttons, stopwatches)

Set up an online registration form, including a secure electronic payment method (e.g. ClubAssistant)


Create a meet information sheet  download a template here


Complete the Covid-19 Event Safety Plan – download addendum

    • This should be uploaded to the online Sanction Request Form for USMS to have on file and ILMSA Sanction Chair approval.

Apply for meet sanction on USMS website: 

    • Attach the completed meet information sheet AND safety plan.

Hosting an Open Water Event

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Sanctioning an open water event is a bit more complicated due to the increased insurance requirements. The benefits included nationwide marketing, comprehensive insurance and support from the USMS staff.

Open Water Sanction Guidelines

Open Water Safety Guidelines

Please use Andy Seibt as a resource. He is the Long Distance Chair for ILMSA. You can email him: openwater AT ilmsa DOT com


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Kids must be 18 years old to participate in a sanctioned event.

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I miss the Park Ridge 1500!

Jill Magsum gives her best effort for the annual 1500.