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2023 Individual Registration starts November 1, 2023

How To Join:

Whether you want to improve your overall fitness, swim just for fun, develop better technique, or train for triathlons, open water swims, or pool swimming competitions, USMS membership provides the information, resources, and tools to be successful.  USMS membership grants you access to information to take your swimming ability and technique to the next level, discounts from our partners, a subscription to SWIMMER magazine, the STREAMLINES eNewsletter, inclusion in the USMS national times database, discounts from USMS partners, insurance coverage, and access to the members-only features on Please note: you may not register the next year until your club/team is registered!

30 Day Trial Form
Unregistered swimmers may try out a USMS club before joining the organization. One tryout period per swimmer is allowed, and must not exceed 30 consecutive days. During the 30-day tryout period the swimmer may participate in swim practices only. 

Retrieve your USMS Card
If you are already an ILMSA or USMS member, you can use the link above to retrieve an electronic copy of your USMS card for the current year.

Register a Club

2023 Club Registration starts October 1, 2023

Creating A New Club or Workout group:

Are you a club or a workout group? Clubs are their own entities and workout groups swim under the banner of a larger team entity which compete together as one at national meets. Illinois Masters is such an entity which is composed of several workout groups scattered throughout the state. USMS club/workout group registration information. Please note: Your club or team must be registered before its swimmers may register with that club or team for 2023.  Individual registration begins November 1, so get your forms in SOON!

Changing Your Club/Team Affiliation:

To switch clubs or teams so you can compete at a USMS-sanctioned meet under another club, please complete the Club Transfer Form and send it to Barb Delanois, LMSC Registrar at registration AT ilmsa DOT com

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USMS Merchandise

A great way to advertise and show your support of USMS is to wear their logo. Choose from T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, swim caps and more. Go to USMS merchandise available on Swim Outlet.

Places to swim

Looking for a pool nearby or a team workout with? Check out the Places to Swim link on USMS site.

Swimmer Profiles

Meet an Illinois Masters swimmer. Each month we will feature a award winner, hall of famer, volunteer or someone you should know. When you see this person at a meet, make sure you introduce yourself.

Workout Blog

Meew some fresh ideas for drills, sets, warm-ups or cool downs? Check out the workout blog page. Each workout is written by and Illinois Masters coach to help you develop your stroke technique, endurance and speed.


What a great feeling!

Inge Clark on her wins at a USMS Nationals meet