Est. 1970

Bill Mulliken Award

Barry Dayton headshot


Volunteer Achievements

    • Member of ILMSA from 1981 through 2019

    • Meet director of the Park Ridge 1500M swim meet,  “Penguin 1500”,  from 1985 through 2013

    • Meet director of the Maine South 1650 yard swim meet from 1986 through 1995

Open Water Achievements
  • Competed in the Big Shoulders 5K Open Water Swim 20 years in a row
  • Enjoyed swimming with friends at Yu’s Harbor in Lake Michigan 
  • Now swims in the Long Island Sound

Barry’s Motivating Force

Barry who is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Northeastern Illinois University, loves to observe nature and look for patterns. During his daily open water swims, he likes to lollygag on his back and let the waves rock him while he checks out the cloud formations. He now lives in Ridgefield, CN.

Park Ridge Penguins Logo

I have known, via over 30 meets since 1985, that this (1500m) is one event where women are closely competitive to men so it is outrageous that they have not been able to swim this in the Olympics until now. (2021)

Barry Dayton